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    2. Material purchasing
      1. The material purchasing:
      The name of the material
      Quality indicators
      Lactic acid
      Content of 88% or higher
      Rifamycin S acid
      Content of 98% or higher
      Dry matter 75% or higher
      Soybean oil
      Acid value 3.0 mg/g or less
      Butyl acetate
      Content of 99% or higher
      1 - amino - 4 - cyclopentyl piperazine (spray at the fourth side chain)
      Content of 70% or higher
      Corn starch
      Content of 80% or higher
      Methylene chlorideContent of 99.2% or higher
      Ethylene glycol dimethyl ether
      Content of 99.5% or higher
      Sodium hydroxideContent of 98% or higher
      Dry yeastContent of 46% or higher
      Yellow bean cake powder (hot press)Nitrogen content of 6.4% or higher
      Raw material high density polyethylene barrelsPharmaceutical grade
      N, N - dimethyl formamideContent of 99% or higher
      Cotton protein (cottonseed powder)Nitrogen content of 5.6% or higher
      Spray at the butyl hollow capsule (1 #, red and orange)Pharmaceutical grade
      Liquid anhydrous ammonia (ammonia)Ammonia content of 99.8% or higher
      Potassium dihydrogen phosphateContent of 99% or higher
      Acetic acid (glacial acetic acid)Content of 99% or higher
      Ethyl acetateContent of 99% or higher
      A forest of ethanolContent of 99% or higher
      Department: supplies phones: 0510-83101058 contacts: Wu Xiaohu Email: wuzi@wuxifortune.com.cn

      2. The equipment procurement: all kinds of hardware, valves, spare parts

      Department: supplies phones: 0510-83101058 fax: 0510-83107151 contacts: king of Tokyo  Email: wuzi@wuxifortune.com.cn


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